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GET ON YOUR SOAP BOX! shouts about all natural materials and ingredients, all hand produced in UK. This pamper giftbox includes one facecloth and one wash mitt, crocheted by hand with 100% cotton yarn* and one all natural soap bar, a choice of either activated charcoal or peppermint and pumice**.



With natural antibacterial properties, lovely deep black in colour but with a creamy white lather – no stained skin! The charcoal absorbs excess toxins and oils from the skin. Fantastic for oily skin or blemished skin, on both face and body. Also on whiffy feet or underarms too!



Pure peppermint essential oil has been added to this lovely scrubby soap to provide a cooling effect to the skin along with antibacterial properties. Great for rough skin, it includes volcanic pumice to really scrub away any dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

This soap is perfect for gardeners, mechanics, builders, or anyone that has a messy job and needs to remove grease and oil from their hands, being free from harsh foaming agents it will not add to any skin irritation that is already present and common with jobs that are tough on the hands.


The facecloth measures approximately 22x22cm.

The wash mitt measures approximately 12.5x19cm.

Both cloths are machine washable at 40˚C.

Yarn made in EU. Oeko-Tex® certified.


This listing also comes with a choice of greetings card (father's day, mother's day, birthday or 'hello') that can be personalised with a message allowing the gift to be wrapped and delivered direct to the recipient.


If you wish to personalise the card please just type your full message and any further instructions in the 'custom text' section before you complete payment.


Please note: colours may vary.

If you would prefer to include a greetings card that you have seen under another listing within our shop, then do not hesitate to request it in 'custom text'.


*non-mercerised , with high absorbency, perfect for facecloths, towels and dish cloths. Especially good for people with sensitive skin since the yarn does not itch or irritate.


**Our supplier The Soap Shop only sell products that are suitable for vegans. In 2018 they were approved by The Vegetarian Society to join their Vegan brands and from March 2018 they are a Vegan approved company.

NATURAL PAMPER GIFT BOX cotton facecloth, wash mitt, vegan soap & greetings card